Two College Roommates Fucking

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These two girls were told at the beginning of their college experience that they were roommates. They didn’t know each other one bit, but both of them could tell the other one was extremely hot, having a nice college coed body. One night things got a little crazy and what resulted was these sex college videos. These two coeds, one blonde and the other a brunette, both have in common a big sexual appetite that they satisfy by fucking each other with big toys in these sex college videos, their pussies get completely stuffed by toys, tongues, and multiple fingers.

College Videos

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Daredorm Brunette Couple Sex Video


Making college porn isn’t fun unless a friend joins the bunch. This is a brunette couple that invites a cute blonde to join them. This sexy blonde wanted to make free college porn videos and this is the first of many. The girls strip and when their lover comes over, they have a lot of fun, fucking and sucking their way to blistering orgasms.

Dorm College Porn

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Drunk College Girls Amateur Threesome Video

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These two ladies know how to party. They went out to the bars around campus and got pretty drunk. Rather than let the night end, these ladies decided to play some music and dance. Their friend comes by to check on them and finds them dancing and getting pretty turned on. One of them decides to practice her lap dancing skills and gets his dick hard. Not one to let a hard dick go to waste, they get him stripped. They take turns sucking his hard dick, loving how it tastes of each other’s spit and his precum. They love sucking the same dick because they know it will lead to something more between them.

Amateur College Girls

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Daredorm College Sex Videos

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There is nothing that livens up a party quite like beer and a game of truth or dare. These horny coeds want to get to know who they are drinking with and who they will be fucking. After a few drinks and questions, the girls get hotter. They get topless and they go for the dicks and pussies they want to fuck. Two girls don’t mind being the ones to start the show by sucking the dicks they choose. They are equally turned on to see three girls sucking and fucking. There are some girls that have more fun than others. This blonde beauty knows how to steal the show, riding a dick till they pass out.

College Sex Videos

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Hot College Girls Double Blowjob

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It’s not fun if your friends don’t suck none. These college girls know how to share and the men around them benefit. These two beauties go to their friend’s dorm room for a little group fun. A few board games lead to more adult fun. These girls set out to prove they know how to suck dick. These girls know how to deep throat a dick, suck the head and make him harder. They know how to tag team a dick or suck a dick individually. They are friends and they have fun together. They suck dick together and get facials and swallow cum together.

Coed Girls Blowjob

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Amateur College Girl Sex Video

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This horny blonde college students wants to win $10,000, by any means necessary. She is willing to do whatever it takes to alleviate her debt, including wild and crazy things in her very own dorm room for all of the internet to see. The wildest and craziest thing that this girl can think of? Taking off her booty shorts and letting her boyfriend shove his eager cock into her tight little ass. This girl has a bubble butt to die for and when you see how well she takes a dick in it you will be surprised she never had one in there before!

Dorm College Porn

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Dorm Room Coed Girls Group Sex

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Four girls and few guys are partying in a room getting drunk and horny like most college kids do in their dorm. The girls are only walking around in their cute panties and they are taking pictures topless. Three girls get on the guy’s bed and masturbate and they can’t help but want to join in after watching. He fingers both girls at the same time and they moan together. They rub each other’s tits while the other girl watches. It’s crazy how so much hotness can happen in one bed at one time. These ladies are up for anything, as long as they get their orgasm.

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College Girls Game On Sex Video

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It’s ball dodging time as the sexy college co-eds are going to play a little game of dodge ball against the boys. Watch as the sexy blonde, brunette and Latina cuties get hit by the balls and then have to remove an article of clothing for every knock out. Pretty soon the girls will have no clothes on and the game will be over in this dorm room party. As the girls lose they must go to the dude who got them out and get a nice fingering and give a good blowjob. It’s a crazy game of dodge ball in the dorm.

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Hot College Sex in the Dare Dorm

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These hot horny college girls are getting themselves wet hanging out in the dorm room fantasizing about calling up some dudes for some hot college sex. Two lucky guys get the call to come over and hang out with these beautiful co-eds and end up fucking them hard on the bed and end up making some dirty college videos of all the action. The sexy brunette and blonde with the nice bouncing breasts suck this one guy’s dick while the other guy gets to fuck the shit out of a brunette with humongous jugs. It’s the greatest night of these two guys live as they get the chance to fuck some gorgeous college girls in their dorm room in this college porn.

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Daria Dare Dorm Foam Party Video

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College foam parties are always interesting. They are the coolest parties to throw in a dorm and this party must have been one of the best ever. It was a girl named Daria’s idea to throw the party and have sex with each other. The event was taped and it ended up becoming the hottest DareDorm update ever! Thank you Daria and thank you Dare Dorm for throwing the sexy foam party!

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